VFR flight following


I notice a number of flights where “n/a” is listed in the Route field.

For example:

flightaware.com/live/flight/N223 … /KLGB/KCMA

Does this indicate that this flight was probably VFR w/ flight following and then the pilot terminated flight following east of KCMA?

Any other reasons for the “n/a” indication.

Thanks for info.



No, because we wouldn’t have any of that information for a VFR/FF flight.
With VNY and CMA so close and in Socal, the pilot probably flew TEC.


TEC= Tower Enroute Control


Will an NGF flight be tracked if it’s flown VFR and does a flight plan need to be filed in order to be tracked?


An NGF flight needs to be flying on an IFR flight plan to be tracked. VFR, even with flight following and a flight plan, will not be tracked.