VFR acrft N903FC w/ Sqk code unable to pull up

I can see N903FC when I go to ktlh (8/8/06 8:25 am), but I am unable to pull it by tail number and track the flight. I have been working with this for about 15 minutes or so. Does a flight plan have to be filed inorder to track? Thanks, Chris

Yes, an IFR flight plan must be filed and activated in order to be tracked reliably. VFR flights will usually only appear on the airport screens as the plane overflies them.

I can query the history of a flight, say N901Fc, and it shows for some time in June or July. These are VFR flights. I’m a lkittle confused about why VFR flights are not picked up.

Unless the local controller did something very very strange, all of the flights in the Activity Log were filed and flown (at least partially) IFR.