Tracking my airplane


I was wondering why sometimes my airplane shows up on flight tracking and most of the time it doesn’t. If the aircraft has flight following and a squwak shouldn’t it show up on traking? For example: My dad just flew it from middle GA to SC with VFR flight following and it never should up on flight tracking. Why is this? I have tracked other flights across the country and they tracked fine.


Welcome to Flight Aware stwaters. (FAQ’s) should answer your questions


got it…
thanks for the help


Have any of your VFR flight following flights shown up on FA? Or just the IFR flights?


Only a 1 VFR flight has been tracked from departure to arrival. My dad and I are intrument rated but aren’t current so we have not been able to file IFR. A couple of weeks ago i set it up to where it would alert me via email and text when departures and arrivals where made and only 1 VFR flight has done so out of 3 or 4 VFR flights usign flight following. Earlier today i check tracking which i haven’t used in while and it had the flight history of a VFR flight that was made but never should up on flightaware. I think its just that VFR flights might make it up or might not. I understand IFR flights are more important and are usually bussiness related, but I wish something was more reliable for VFR flights. Especially ones on radar. Oh well. Guess we need to get IFR current to take advantage of the technology here. My dad is retired and flying all over the place and all i can do sometimes is watch what he’s doing and where he’s at from my computer.



On the flight plan (I am assuming one is being filed!), put IFR for the upper left corner and put a VFR altitude for altitude and VFR in comments

The upper left corner IFR routes it to AARTC and VFR routes it to FSS. The altitude and comments make it a VFR flight plan.

I have suggested this to others and they found it much more reliable to get flight tracking here with VFR flight following

There are threads on this, just got home myself and too lazy to look this up. A controller gave real good insight on this in another thread.

If you are at a controlled airport, ground or clearance and delivery probably won’t activate your flight plan, you will need to contact approach to get it activated (well explained in another thread why this is).


Thanks again… I will definitly try this next time