Very High Flying Vehicles


ok, I’ll admit it is a stretch to put this on an aviation site, but this shot is too good not to show:

It is from today’s Astronomy Picture Of The Day web site, which often has great shots of earth from space, space from earth and space from space.


That link is currently showing saturn, but it changes everyday. This one from a few days ago shows the International Space Station.


Anybody know how to find the track of the space station after the fact? I’m pretty sure we saw the station/shuttle go overhead on the 15th. Anyway to go back and verify? Thanks! :slight_smile:


Heavens Above is a great tool for spotting the ISS and other satellites. Use the Previous Passes to button to see if a sighting matches time and place you think you saw it. I used it last week to see the ISS pass over with the shuttle 5 seconds behind!