Shuttle Tracker


If you want to track the shuttle here it is but I don’t really know if there is a delay or not. Also you can see what is the best time to see the shuttle from where you live.


Here is another site that will track all sorts of space stuff…

If you don’t want to register, just click the Select button, or Enter, to tell the site where you are…and see then go see how much stuff flies over your head every night.

The shuttle and space station passes are often nice and bright to see.


My deepest apologies:


click on watch live

great viewing from launch day, space walks, and landing


Just a heads up to those interested:

ISS will be making nice visable pass over the eastern half of the US this evening (passing almost directly over my house in SW Ohio @6:00pm). Discovery is set to depart ISS at 5:09pm - this might allow seeing both craft in the sky at the same time. Use the above refrenced Heavens Above web site to get a detailed chart to help in spotting ISS from your location (since Discovery is docked, they are not publishing seperate predictions).

Past observations of both ISS and shuttles in flight have proven quite cool.