Flew by last night and watched the shuttle launch, any way to see the track on here?


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Plenty of websites out there that will do what you ask above. is one.



This is covered in the questions/answers located at the top right of every page in FlightAware.

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Not just giving you *where *to find the answer but actually *giving *you the answer also, here’s what states

Can I track NASA’s Space Shuttle or other space ships (UFOs, etc) on FlightAware during launch or descent?
No, but that would be rather amusing; the shuttle or UFOs would have to be on an IFR flight plan to be tracked. However, NASA streams live NASA TV on the Internet.


Sorry if it’s been covered in another thread (I’m too lazy to search this morning), but does anyone know the number for the NASA shuttle training aircraft? It’s the old Gulfstream that shoots simulated approaches at KSC prior to the shuttle landings. If it can be tracked here, I’d kinda like to see what its path looks like…


A few possibilities: … /KEFD/KTTS … /KEFD/KTTS … /KEFD/KTTS


Here’s the listings of Gulfstreams registered to NASA. It’s probably not N2NA because I believe that is the company hack.
Note: Registrations without a link returned a note indicating the aircraft was not found.


Thanks for that…
I guess I’ll just look for a Gulfstream with a KTTS/KTTS routing on the day of the first landing opportunity. See ya in a couple weeks lol


Currently 944,945,946 and 947 are the STA Aircraf and they are based at El PAso notEllington Field,they are flown to Ellington for maintanence.They also fly Near White Sands for training since there is alreasdy an alternate Shuttle LAnding site there. The other Gulfstreams are VIP Transports, i know NASA 3 also known as NASA 949 is based at Marshall Space Flight Center.


Even is flight aware could track the shuttle is would be a very short track.

Controlled airspace only extends to FL600 after that cancel, turn off the transponder and put your arrival clearance on request for pick-up in two weeks on short final to the skid pad!


Looks like it’s 945 for this one.
It flew in yesterday from El Paso & Ellington.


N2NA…Gulfstream III (ex-N1NA)
N944NA…Gulfstream II-STA Shuttle Training Aircraft
N945NA…Gulfstream II-STA Shuttle Training Aircraft
N946NA…Gulfstream II-STA Shuttle Training Aircraft
N947NA…Gulfstream II-STA Shuttle Training Aircraft
N948NA…Gulfstream II-donated to Pima Air and Space Museum
N949NA…Gulfstream IISP (GIII radome & winglets)
N950NA…Gulfstream IISP (GIII radome & winglets)

Wikipedia-Shuttle Training Aircraft

N944NA cockpit


They might want to check the operation of the joystick lol… … /KTTS/KTTS