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Version 3.7.2 of piAware, dump1070-fa, and dump978 released to GitHub in the last two days

How soon before repositories are updated? Any big changes we can expect to see?

I know I’d sure love to see dump978 support on Raspbian Buster. :grimacing:

It’s in testing at the moment; expect to see it retagged a few times as we fix problems (nb: it’s not on master yet)

Unfortunately 3.7.2 won’t have buster support (I mean, you can still build it yourself, but there won’t be prebuilt packages). 3.7.2 has been delayed a lot and we wanted to get it out the door as is now and then look at buster support for 3.8 as it’s quite invasive.

I tried package install of piaware 3.7.1 on Armbian 5.9.1 (buster) /orangepi pc armv7, and it failed to install.

However package install of piaware, dump1090-fa & dump978-fa (all 3.7.1) has suceeded on Armbian Stretch (Stn # 76000).

Not sure what a 3.7.1 install on Armbian has to do with a 3.7.2 install on Raspbian.

Sorry, my post is off topic for 3.7.2/Raspbian, but as you mentioned 3.7.2 will not be compatible to Raspbian buster, I just wanted to mention that on Armbiam buster even 3.7.1 fails to install.

Error message:
“piaware requires xxxxx libraries but these wont be installed. You have held broken packages”

That tells you it’s a package management problem you can fix by fixing the dependencies.

Just try installing the mentioned libraries manually and check what is preventing them from being updated.
Not a problem with piaware but your installation.

Well I purchased $15 OrangePi PC instead of $49 RPi3, now I am paying for it :slight_smile:

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It could just be caused by the stuff you previously compiled and installed.
Dependency problems can happen on Raspbian as well if you do manual installs.

You just fix them by checking what the problem is.

Maybe even a dist-upgrade will take care of it.

There are $5 Pi Zero W on eBay.

You could lash out and buy a real Pi and come play with the big boys. :rofl:

I have been successfully using OrangePi PC since 2016. Two months ago it died after a power surge. I orderd another one from Aliexpress for $15 and received it last week.

When I wrote Armbian Buster and tried to install piaware, it failed. I slipped out microSD card from dead OPi and slipped it into new OPi, and it started feeding immediately. I checked distro version, it is Armbian Stretch.

There always have been problem of compatibility with software developed for RPi/Raspbian, and I was always able to find a workaround.

This has always been a good brain-excersise. I am confident I will find a solution for current problem also. I simply got unmotivated as the old microSD card started to work instantaneously.

Got dump1090-mutability as well as dump978 working on buster lite with Pi4. Sorry if this has been discussed here before, but I haven’t posted on this forum since it changed to this format well over a year ago since in all honesty, I can’t find anything on this silly forum format. (I’m old-school I guess).

Pretty sure it would be just fine with dump1090-fa as well, but I’ll try that tomorrow.

Anyhow to the meat: I have always used Joe’s ADSB Project script since it has always worked like a champ. Just needs a couple minor tweaks and away you go on Buster and Pi4

First, need to compile rtl-sdr from the latest source: (apologies, don’t know how to use code tags on this junk)

sudo apt -y install git build-essential cmake libusb-1.0-0-dev pkg-config zlib1g-dev librtlsdr-dev
git clone git://git.osmocom.org/rtl-sdr.git
cd rtl-sdr
mkdir build && cd $_
sudo make install
sudo ldconfig
sudo cp ../rtl-sdr.rules /etc/udev/rules.d/

Then reboot and build as you’d normally build. If you use the Joe’s script and want to install the portal, then need to change line 247 to default to php7.2 in bash/portal/install.sh and run as you normally would.

I’d add screenshots of it all working, but no clue how. Hope this helps someone and sorry if this is redundant or in the wrong place.


EDIT/ADD: I have not yet had the time to check mlat functionality, or really run it through the ringer yet as I just sat down with it tonight to figure out. I’m a little worried about USB3.0 and it’s inherent noise issues messing with things - I suppose a few others who have the time to test can chime in. Will connect it to my normal antenna rig tomorrow and let it rip. :slight_smile:

@abcd567 - thx for the link

Crappy late-night indoor shots using a TV antenna of all things:

Guess it’s a mute point for our cause here since PiAware itself still needs some adjustments to compile on Buster. Good enough to track locally and tune on a Pi4 if needed until everything is patched.

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