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Downloading and installing Dump1090-fa problems

I’m completing a new build. I have Buster lite installed but when I try to download and install Dump1090-fa using: sudo apt-get install dump1090-fa as per the FA website I get an error:

Unable to locate package dump1090-fa

Any suggestions?

Thank you

Also do I need to do anything special to download and install Piaware 3.8.0 other than follow the instructions on the FA install web page?

Thank you

I tried rebooting my RPi and the installations seem to have worked now.

Is there a way of linking a new installation to a previous FA station account so that I don’t lose the statistics? It is the same receiver, all that I’ve done is update to Buster and reinstalled Dump1090 and Piaware 3.8.0. Skyview is showing the feed but the feeder stats are not showing anything and the feed has not been identified as a new site

Many thanks

For Begginers - How to Get Back Existing Station Number in A Fresh Install


Thanks but the new install hasn’t generated a new account that I can replace with the previous unique code

I’ve reinstalled Piaware and now it seems to be working and have managed to reclaim my previous station number

Many thanks for your hlep