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Running PiAware on Raspbian via VMWare

I recently have been trying to get piaware installed on my laptop so I can use it on the go while travelling. After many unsuccessful attempts I was able to get Dump1090-FA installed and working great (As I write this im on the plane and the signals are strong enough the nooelec SDR stick is picking the signals up without an antenna) but I cant get piaware installed so i can feed my data to Flightaware. I am using ADSB Project to install it and got this error.

The adsb receiver project scripts are not being maintained by J Prochazka. The version numbers of packages in script are outdated, causing this problem. Updating version numbers in following files may resolve the issue.


Pleas see this post for details:


When it wouldn’t let me install dump1090-FA at first, I did go in and change all the version numbers. Dump1090 went in just fine and piaware was fine too until I got that message.

  1. The error message you have posted shows that the piaware package was NOT built from source code. Lines above the part you have posted will show clearly what exactly has happened.

  2. Which version of Raspbian you are using, Stretch or Buster? Output of following commansd will show it:
    lsb_release -sc

  3. You have changed version numbers. For dump1090-fa, only change required is version number in file variables.sh. For Piaware, in addition to version number, the OS version name is also required to be changed. The PIAWARE building script uses outdated OS version, which causes failure (the script uses Raspbian version Jessie, while current version of Raspbian is Buster). Please see my next post below.

$ sudo nano adsb-receiver/bash/feeders/piaware.sh  

Scroll down to these lines, and change jessie to buster or stretch according to version of Raspbian you are using.

To find version of your OS, use following command:
lsb_release -sc