Need Help Piaware on UBUNTU 18.04 (Lubuntu)


I followed the directions at this site

I got errors it can’t find piaware-config and some build command I cant remember due to being overwhelmed by the fragmented availability of information.

I did read it was tested on Ubuntu 15 which is somewhat different than 18.04. I feel like the author of that post is out of sight out of mind.

I need proper and current instructions on building Piaware on Lubuntu 18.04 which is similar to Ubuntu in its base form. My reason is I want to enjoy MLAT and to learn from it.

If it is okay please be patient with me. I am new to linux. I do appreciate you taking your time to help me.

I have tried ADSB Receiver Project and I do like it. Now I want to try Piaware. This is a fun adventure and a added component to my radio hobby.


Lubuntu is a nice choice, I use it too, but mostly through Virtualbox VM under Windoze 7x64.

If you have installed Lubuntu on your PC the easiest way to install piaware is through
Adsb Receiver Project dump1090-mutability scripts.
Have a look at and its forums.



If you have used following command from swiftbytes site, you will get error message.

sudo dpkg -i ~/build/piaware_builder/piaware_2.1-3_*.deb

The reason is that above command is specific to Piaware version number 2.1-3, which is no more valid as newer version is now current.

To overcome version number problem, use following command which is applicable to ALL version numbers and ALL architectures:

sudo dpkg -i ~/build/piaware_builder/piaware_*.deb


Thanks for your answer. This is solved. ADSB Receiver Project is working good so far. I just need to learn how to do the MLAT feature. I have asked this already in the ADSB Receiver Project script thread here at FA.

I do believe that after reading a little on it that PIAWARE might be able to run on Lubuntu I see how the Raspeberry Pi is best suited for the way it is written. The errors that might pop up in LXTerminal can be fixed but I don’t feel like messing it now.

Thank you both for your replies!