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Varying Message Rates?

I’m after a little advice please:

I’m pretty happy with the performance of my DPD antenna on a gable end feeding an Uputronics LNA/Filter into a Beast & Pi3. I achieve a running average of 2600+ flights and 640,00 positions. I’m situated near Fairford in Gloucestershire.

Others - albeit closer to other airfields - achieve similar flight numbers but positions that can exceed 800,000 using a FlightAware USB stick! And good for them!

Can I improve my position figures? What would you suggest?

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The position report stats are not particularly useful for comparing with other sites as they depend a lot on what the particular aircraft you see are doing. They are not raw ADS-B position rates.

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Thank you for the clarification. Appreciated.


I noticed that the FA website counts and seemingly gives a score for “Other Aircraft” and “Other Positions”. Those are also added in the stats when you compare with the neighbors.

That can inflate the scores of people that send mostly bogus messages (due to errors in decoding). That’s like punishing people with well tuned setups.