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Validate Flight

Hi All,

I validate a flight next month with AirlineFlightSchedules function and i don’t know how to re-check that result in


Unfortunately, the website is not designed to allow viewing of flights further than 1-2 days in the future.

So how to re-check result next month from services Flight.


Go to the airline’s own website and try to purchase a flight matching what was returned.

Or wait until that day arrives and compare the data.

Or use AirlineFlightSchedules for a date that has already occurred.

Ok thanks bovineone

I have another question. When i validate flight flightaware.com/live/flight/AAL1290 with 09-Sep-2013
Flight service return 06:05PM EDT Schedule always. else when i validate 07-Sep-2013. I using AirlineFlightSchedules function
How to i fix it.