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how to test AirlineFlightSchedules

Hi mate,

I am going to public flight validation service in my website. I use AirlineFlightSchedules.
Currently, I use the site flightaware.com/live/flight/AAL287 to verify the result returned by the method. But, the website has few days scheduled flights while the method has data for a year.

Is there any way to verify a flight scheduled several months in future?
Example, today is September 3rd, I want to verify the scheduled time of AAL287 on November 3rd.

Best Regards,

Unfortunately, the website is not designed to allow viewing of flights further than 1-2 days in the future.

thank you for you prompt reply.

Do you mean that there is no way to test AirlineFlightSchedules?


Go to the airline’s own website and try to purchase a flight matching what was returned.

Or wait until that day arrives and compare the data.

Or use AirlineFlightSchedules for a date that has already occurred.