Using the "live map" display


I have a lot of questions ( newbie ) and I have not found answers in the FAQs or searches of the forum.

When I display aircraft on the map, why are some blue, some green, some white etcetera?

Can I filter out only certain types? Say, Helicopters? Or B77W or something like that?

Does anyone know why I can’t see my own piAware setup even though my laptop is on the same net? I go to and it just times out. Ping from the pi to the laptop fails, ping from laptop to pi fails. But my system is online and feeding data to the flightaware system?

I made a new microSD card for my piAware, and now I have two devices showing up in flightaware. How do I delete the old one?



after 48 hours you could delete any account you want.
you must be logged in and have ‘claimed’ these accounts.

as for the rest you must be more specific about your setup, equipment, software used and network (lan / wifi).

i am sure you’ll find answers to most of your questions by searching this forum not covered in the FAQ.