using flightaware info for a program

Is it possible and am I allowed to use the flightaware data for creating my own program. I’d like to create a program that will create AI aircraft for my Flight Simulator using real world data. It would be for my own personal use and I would not make it available for others, whether for free or for profit. If it is possible and allowed, could you tell me how to access the data?

From our Terms of Use: Any intellectual property or content associated with FlightAware is the sole property of FlightAware. With the exception of content in the “/export/” directory, you may not copy, reproduce, modify, lease, loan, sell, or create creative derivative works of any FlightAware content. Content available for public distribution and redistribution in the “/export/” directory may not be modified, leased, or sold.

/export/ isn’t up and running yet, but it will be soon along with an API for external applications. That being said, send us an email and we’ll see what we can do.

Okay, thankyou. I didn’t quite understand that part in the terms of use. Does “may not be modified” mean that I can’t use it at all for my project or does that just mean I wouldn’t be able to publish the data in any other form?

From what you’ve described, using your project for your own personal use sounds fine.

awesome! thanks :smiley: