ADS B and FAA BAAR / Block list...


I realize that sites like FA and FR24 try to stay in good graces with the FAA by stripping out “BLOCKED” and military aircraft from their feeds, even if the data was obtained from ADS-B and not the FAA radar feed.

Is this a legal requirement, or just trying to “stay on the FAA’s good side”? If I obtain data from my own ADS-B receiver on “BLOCKED” aircraft, can I legally distribute that data freely?


There are a lot of things in the world that are legal, but if you cause trouble, will soon be illegal. The issue is broader than just the FAA and includes military organizations and regulatory bodies. FlightAware can self-regulate or allow governments around the world to do so for us.

You can certainly do what you want with your own data (even directly received from PiAware), but as a respectable international company with a worldwide network, we’re in a different position.


Yep, totally understand your position. Thanks for the info.