Is hosting a FlightAware Flightfeeder Legal in India?


Hello guys.

I wanted to know if hosting an ADS-B feeder from Flightaware legal in India? If yes, can you provide a link to an official document stating that it is legal?

I need to show this data to someone who says it’s illegal. Please help prove it.

Or let me know if you guys personally know something related to this!

Help is appreciated.



The laws (and/or regulations) work the other way around, they tell you what’s not permitted (illegal). What’s not expressly denied is automatically… legal.

Example: Do you have a law that tells you that is “legal” to breath?


Did you google it ?
Did you check your country’s National Gazette for relevant laws?
Generally speaking for certain frequencies (tx+rx) an rt license is needed and also certain frequencies
not allowed to listen to such as police radio and so on.


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Most people do not know what ADS-B is. So if you tell them that you are decoding signals being sent by an aircraft they will get paranoid and say it is illegal. As far as I know, there is no law which explicitly states that you cannot have an ADS-B receiver in India. But I also know that one cannot own a receiver of any kind except for maybe broadcast radio and TV without a license in India. So it is kind of a gray area.

If you have to show this to someone maybe get an SWL (very easy, no examination) or ham radio license (takes a year and need to give an exam) from WPC (Wireless Planning Coordination, Ministry of Communications). Then you can say you were tuning your receiver and you heard these ADS-B signals and you decoded them. Also, helps if you explain the person what ADS-B signals are and how they work.

So, is it illegal? Maybe. But does anyone care? Nope.


AFAIK you need to be licensed for emitters, not for receivers.