Non-commercial personal use


Now, I realize that THIS may open up a can of worms, but have you given any thought to allowing for personal access (some of us are web programmers that can handle this without bothering you…) much the same as google maps, for instance, does, for non-commercial use, no support, covering one or two tail numbers for gratis or some token payment (annual/semiannual/etc?).

Feel free to slap me down. I was just thinking that, as a private owner, it would be great to build a mashup for my family on a password-protected web server that they could access that would grab the info for them to give them some idea/comfort/? that my own flight was progressing ok and what the projected arrival time would be.

Yes, I can give them the address of the web site. and they can nav around or attempt to figure out the interface (which is very nice, btw), but, the audience for this is about 4 or 5 people on a very sporadic basis.

Just a thought.



Instead of using DirectFlight, how about embedding the page for your aircraft ( in an iframe on your family website?


I had thought about that…was just looking to put the info in a table I was going to munge…

thanks for the suggestion…