Website Forms

I’m curious about other options with the forms that we are allowed to put on our websites.

Is there a way so that I can have a page on my website to have the data that comes up with one does a query?

Let’s say I have an LAX page on my website. Instead of having the form where I type in LAX, submit, and get taken to a new page…is there code that I can drop in so that the four groups of info on the results page (Arrivals, Departures, Scheduled and En Route) just show up on my page instead of the FlightAware domain?

I’d love to take the four and lay them vertically on top of one another.


Just use the link for, as in your example, LAX ( but modify it slightly so that the page opens up in a new window or tab. This way people can view the LAX data, see the ads on the LAX page (remember: FlightAware is supported by the Google ads), and still have access to your page.

Honestly, I’d rather have that info appear on my page and plug FlightAware on the page, in my links page, and my affiliates page.

I’d even be willing to pay for it. That said, I know this site has pay feature(s), and I’m sure, or hope, that there is non-Google Ads revenue.

I think that’s why they now offer DirectFlight.

Well, there’s a difference between paying (what I think would be a minimal cost) to repost what already stands as free data, then to pay hundreds a month and also pay a programmer, to implement the DirectFlight system (which actually seems amazing).

No, you can’t do that yet.

In response to demand from some users (mostly airport operators), we’ve been considering offering such a service, but we haven’t decided how to go ahead with it yet.

Ok. I’m just trying to see the spectrum of what I am able to do before I put my foot forward and get the DirectFlight program.

I think that a few more options for the free forms should be created to have a fair in-between option before people end up spending hundreds a month on DirectFlight.