How Does FlightAware Get It's Data ?


Does FlightAware get the raw data it uses (to track flights and compile historical info) from the FAA?
I imagine this would have to be the case, and was wondering if this data stream is available from the FAA on the Web, to anyone wishing to use it.
Is there an FAA website or URL that anyone knows about where this data is available?


We receive the data from the FAA as part of the ASDI (Aircraft Situation Display to Industry) program. The data is free, but not available on the web. You need to lease a private line to their facility and provide them with the appropriate hardware. More information here.


Thanks for the info.

I did look thru the FAQs before I posted the question, and couldn’t find the answer. If I missed it, excuse the question. If not, :bulb: I’ll suggest that your answer is an excellent candidate for inclusion in the FAQs !


Now that you mention it, I have answered this question before.


Just out of interest, if an operator were to contact you requesting that their 3-letter ID be tracked, who/where would you send that request to? I’ve looked on the FAA site and drawn a blank… :confused:


If I’m not mistaken, 3 letter identifiers are tracked automatically. Only individual N-numbers can be blocked.


Please see the FAQ.


I’m already fully aware of what it says in the FAQ. My question was who/where would you send the request to, specifically. Which bit of the FAA deals with these requests? URL/email addy etc.


We pass the requests on to our contact at Volpe, but that contact information is not public.