where do you get flight tracking data?

Does anyone know where I can get info on how to access the tracking data that this and other sites use? Is it a feed from faa? I’m not wanting to make my own competing site, just wondering…

I’m not affiliated with FlightAware in any way other than as a registered member, so I don’t speak for FA. Check out the NFDC.

"The National Flight Data Center (NFDC), within the Aeronautical Information Services Division, ATA-110, serves as the principal element within the FAA responsible for collecting, collating, validating, storing, and disseminating aeronautical information detailing the physical description and operational status of all components of the NAS.

“NFDC maintains the national aeronautical information database and provides aeronautical information to government, military, and private producers of aeronautical charts, publications, and flight management systems.”


Yes, it is a feed from the FAA, called Aircraft Situational Display to Industry (ASDI).
I don’t know why you want to access the feed, but I will tell you that there is not much information in it that we don’t make available (and in a lot friendlier format).