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User Stats not loading in Firefox

Hi All,
Not sure if anyone can help here.
I’ve been having multiple issues with the local ISP running at sub 1kb/s etc.
Somehow during all of this my autologin to F/A failed in Firefox too.
I’ve deleted and re-entered my Login and Password and the FlightAware page loads under my username with favorites etc displayed as usual.
However when I click on 'My ADS-B" only the menu bar and next line of text fills.
None of rest on the page loads.
I’m on Mac OS-X, updated Firefox to latest (69.0.2), deleted all cookies for FlightAware.com
Fast running out of ideas.

Have you tried clearing website data?

yes, tried that when I deleted the cookies (see screen grab) clicked in the box at the bottom to delete cookies and site data.
same diff.
now that I’m actually running Firefox 69.0.2 (it didn’t auto-launch when I did the update from the about box) i discovered v69 does not locally store user data and you have to open an account to get it back so… logging in again got it my user stats up and running again. not the way I wanted it to happen but.
thanks for your suggestion and rapid response all the same.
happy spotting.

Using Firefox 69.0.2 (64bit) and it works without any issues.