Use Classic antenna cable



Can you tell me what is the cable standard used for installation of
FlightFeeder, I’m going to receive mine and I’m starting to think exactly how to do it but would like to know if:

Can I use a conventional Coaxial cable (tV transmission) to connect my antenna to my receiver half?

He finds that I already have a cable available from my old dish and I would like to know if it is possible to use it by putting a tip Type N end.

Thank you for your comeback.
Filipe Da Silva


Many are using the “standard” RG6 TV/satellite coax cable since it is reletively inexpensive and readily available. You might find an N connector that fits RG6 would also fit LMR-200 or RG8X type feedlines and can be found on E-bay or Amazon. Might need a crimper if you don’t have one, and I always like to solder the center pin/receptical socket rather than just crimping the small connection(s) on the center conductor.
Getting the antenna up and away from obstructions is more critical than mitigating line-loss if using good quality RG6.


The FlightFeeder should be installed with the provided cable. If you need assistance please e-mail


Sorry I failed to realize this was a FlighFeeder install.
Just curious though, what type of cable and length are provided for the FlightFeeders @ericcarlson?
(Piaware receiver here).


FlightFeeders use LMR240 cable up to 15 meters in length.