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Which cable is better RG6 or RF 100 for Blue Feeder Box

I am having Blue Feeder box sent by Flightaware. The cable length is 15 meters of RF 100. Everything is working fine. I have 100 meter of RG 6 cable as spare. As per cable loss for 100 M at 1000Mhz the loss of RG 6 is 21.45db whereas RF 100 is 70db.

Using RG 6 at antenna end if I put N-Type Male to F-Type Female coaxial adapter and then at box end with F Type Female Jack To SMA Male will it improve reception? Does the antenna has built in preamp inside it? Power goes there but it is mentioned that power is needed for GPS antenna.

Without preamp and with such a high loss cable still ADSB is being decoded this much?

I searched here but not able to find any threads regarding this. Hence I opened a new one.

RF 100 has 50 ohm impedance and it matches perfectly the impedance of the Feeder input.
RG 6 is a TV cable with an impedance of 75 ohms. Miss-matching the impedance will cause more loss than what you hope to gain.

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This is not the correct value for the cable shipped with the FlightFeeder. The cable shipped with the FlightFeeder has 32dB/100m loss at 1GHz. Please continue to use the standard cable.


Does the supplied antenna with feeder box has inbuilt preamp?

Hi ,I use H155 cable and i have a good range

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“RG6” is just a a dimensional spec. It does not imply a quality or performance.
There is no ‘one attenuation’ value for all the different RG6’s out there. The best is very good, while the worst should only be used as a cloths-line.


(1) So is the case for all other types. It depends on manufacturer & model.
(2) Yes, there is not a ‘one attenuation’ but the range of variation between different makes is narrow.

This is true for all types of coax if it is unbranded and very cheap.

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