Rg6 cable

Quick question, I’m in the middle of setting up my antenna outside, but was wondering if running 100-150ft of rg6 cable will result in a lot of signal loss? I’m using the fa antenna, filter and dongle but there will be 100ft (at least) of rg6 cable before the wire connects to my filter anddongle.

I’m looking at rg6 because of cost. Is there another low cost alternative.

RG6 has over 6db loss at 100 ft and 1Ghz, 9db at 150ft.


6db will be losing 75% of the signal
9db will be losing 86% of the signal

You may want to try a mast head amp with an RTL-SDR can can supply power via Bias-T.
100-150ft is a really long run at 1+Ghz using RG6 without an Amp.

Darn. I have no way of powering anything at the mast. Is there another type of cable that would work over that length? I thought the FA dongle would be enough to amplify the signal :frowning:

What sort of amplifier would work? Could you link me? I’m new to all of this cable stuff.

With a masthead amplifier, you put the amplifier near the antenna, a power source (bias-T on the dongle itself, or a separate power injector) at the other end of the cable near the dongle. and the amplifier is powered over the antenna cable itself.

Generally you want to be amplifying as close to the antenna as you can, essentially because you preserve more of the signal/noise ratio by doing it earlier.

Low cost satellite amplifier 950 to 2150 or 2500 Mhz 14v to 18 v DC. In this sketch I have shown model RCA D903 which I used, but there are heaps of other makes available. Search ebay or amazon for key words Satellite Amplifier. Take care not to buy one with low frequency as low as 47 mhz. Buy one with low frequency 950 Mhz. The 47 mhz one are intended to also amplify free to air TV vhf / uhf channels and FM signals, and will overload the DVBT/ProStick.

  1. Nearer the amplifier to the antenna, better.

  2. There are various types of power inserter available. In the sketch independent inserter and dc adaptor are shown. There are some models which have both as one package.

  3. DC blocker between amplifier and antenna is not required with FA Antenna, as it is not shorted internally.


Would something like this work aas a power inserter

amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00UV9TR … erter+coax

Yes, it will work, but is very costly, Search ebay & amazon for more choices. You will sure find good ones with much lower cost.

This one is also costly, but somewhat cheaper than what you posted: ebay.com/itm/201485691492

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I have some with rg6 cables 200 ft. We use off the shelf satellite amps 950-2150 and the directv 21 volt power injector. Works great , cheap and reliable.

Which make/model amplifier?

Direct TV power inserter:

If you use the 21v directTV power inserter with an amp rated for 14-18v will there be issues?

Also, can these inline amplifiers still work outside in the elements?

Using the 29 volt directv injector will cook the amp after a few months but the 21 volt is just inside the overvoltage spec and we have not had any amp failures using it. Some amps leak, others do not. Seal it with tape or liquid seal if it looks like the seal is suspect.

Which make/model amplifier?

The batch I’m using now are PCT SIA_20 fixed slope (the old eagle aspen).
There are numerous brands that should be ok.
Watch for slope compensation. The fixed slope models are designed to produce an approximate equal amplification across the 95d0-2150 band at the receiver (line losses skyrocket as frequency increases).
When they say it is a 20 db amplifier, that is at 2150Mhz.
They are around 10 db amplification at 950 Mhz and about 13 db at 1090 Mhz.

Price should be around $5 US.

This site has a nice selection of brands.
summitsource.com/LNB-LNBF-A … IsFeatured DESC, OrderBy ASC, Name ASC&c=359&ps=12&p=1

Thanks again all. Has anyone found those cheap ones from eBay that are sold from China to work? I read abcd’s post and he said that he found it didn’t. Any other experiences?

Going to go ahead and order some stuff later this evening.

Search for Amplifier and DC inserters on both Amazon and Ebay. For some items ebay prices are less than amazon, and for some other amazon prices are less than ebay. Also many items from USA sellers will say “does not ship to Canada” or will have very high shipping cost for Canada :cry: :open_mouth: because Canada and USA are located on opposite sides of globe at a distance of 12,000 miles.

Thanks. Have you had other experiences with no-name amplifiers? Any work?

My First and the last purchases were “no name amplifier”, and both did not work for ADS-B, but may be good for satellite dish (I did not try these for dish, as I dont have dish)

First Purchase (did not work for ADSB):

Last Purchase (did not work for ADSB):