US Army Citation 560 Ultra gear up landing . . .

10/6/2009 - ELMENDORF AIR FORCE BASE, Alaska (AFNS) – An Army Citation-560 aircraft was forced to perform a gear-up landing at 3:24 p.m. local time Oct. 6 at Elmendorf Air Force Base.

Three people were on board, and nobody was injured in the accident.

Base emergency officials responded to the scene.

The cause of the accident is unknown at this time pending an investigation.

Aircraft: 560-0505 Ultra 98-0008 (80008).

Good pictures. :slight_smile: I want to work at Elmendorf sometime. I love Alaska.

Wouldnt you think that cause would be that the gear failing to come down?

lol okay thats my smart ass remark for the month.

but it was left wide open :slight_smile:

I know you were kidding, but it could have come down and not lock…

That’s what happened to a King Air earlier today;

Click Here in North Carolina.

Huh. Wonder what will be next?

Did they just forget to put the gear down, or did it not come down

Probably just did not come down. Because at the top of the page, robbreid said they were forced to perform a gear up landing. So if they just forgot to put the gear down, then it would not be forced. :slight_smile:

Yes, the statement from the US Army referred to the crew having to make a forced landing without gear.

However here is a report from 2002 regarding a Canadian Citation II “The crew did not complete the before-landing checks, ignored aural warnings, and did not lower the landing gear, which resulted in a gear-up landing.”

Transport Canada C-GYCJ Citation II Nov 12 2002 Sandspit Airport - Vancouver Island BC.
(No injuries to the four on board)

The crew only found out they forgot to lower the gear, when they went back to retrieve their personals from the plane, and saw the gear selector was in the up position. They thought the nose gear had collapsed on landing causing the accident!!!

Like Frank said, what’s the first thing you do after making a gear up landing? I’m surprised someone didn’t “accidentally” bump the gear lever when they went back to retrieve their belongings!

Well… That’s Canada… :laughing: