US Airways Express Flight 2495

Thursday April 8, 2010 Transcript: Pilots at Yeager mishap were musing about sports cars

WASHINGTON (AP) – A voice recorder transcript shows the pilots of a regional airliner that ran off a runway in January were musing about sports cars moments before the aborted takeoff.

The transcript was released Thursday by the National Transportation Safety Board. It shows the pilots of US Airways Express Flight 2495 engaged in an extended conversation about their dream sports cars while preparing for take off at an airport in Charleston, West Virginia. … 439435.pdf

Thanks for this NTSB report. Interesting read. it seems the pilots just screwed up while configureing the plane.

I read the transcript. So what happens when you try to change the flaps from 8 to 20 during takeoff roll? as the Captian did when he noticed the wrong setting after they started on roll.

Shouldnt the flaps move to correct position?

The Captain didn’t even know what would happen. It seemed as though these people were never even trained what to do in emergency. I also noticed the pilots never asked about the passengers until is was like an after-thought