US Airways CEO rejecting a huge bonus!

He is probably the smartest airlines CEO out there. I know Glen Tilton wouldn’t do such a thing! He rejected some $770,000!

That is definently leadership and i’m sure he is earning huge respect from the employees of AWA and USAir.

I’m sure it earns some respect, but can you imagine what the guy is making to be able to afford to turn down three quarters of a million dollars? “Gee, no thanks, I already have so much that another million doesn’t matter much…”

Two ways to look at it. Yes I think it’s admirable, but look at the huge salaries the top executives are making to start with. (Would I take that kind of salary if I could? Of course! But then, I’m worth it!)

But you are right. It’s definately smart! Look at the publicity the company just got!