Url writing

I am trying to retrieve information within a worksheet

The calls I make

Like https://flightxml.flightaware.com/json/FlightXML2/AirlineFlightSchedules?user:aaaaaaa&password=xxxxxxxxxxxx7&startDate=1559433600&airline=AFR&flightno=1449&endDate=1559584200&howMany=100&offset=0

work in browser but only after identification

I suppose my username/pass is not written as it should in the URL, is this the problem ? thanks for your help

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Authentication for FlightXML is done using the “Basic” authentication scheme. The username and api key should not be included as query parameters.

If your worksheet system has the concept of being provided a username and password for authentication when setting up the web request this is where your FlightAware username and XML api key should go.

thanks for replying, however i am not sure i understand what you mean.
i use google sheets how would i get the information of my url, with “pre-authorised” feature if i cant put it in the URL?

For something like Google Sheets, your best option is probably to write a hosted page (for example in PHP) that performs the FlightXML requests that you need and formats just the data fields you need into a simpler CSV format. Then you can use the Google Sheets IMPORTDATA function to load the URL of your hosted page.