How to get flight data using URL?



Total noob here. Bought the API, but have no idea where to start. My developer friend wants to test the API on a URL. We have similar API subscription for trains and it looks like this:

Is there similar URL for FlightXML and if yes, how can we access it? If no, what other option do I have to test it?


You can use something similar to

Authentication will be required after the call is made and cannot be included in the URL.


Two problems:

  1. It’s not accepting my username and password.
  2. If the authentication is not included in the URL, then it will be problematic for our users who will not have access to authentication details. How do we solve that?


You would not have access to that method since you are on the free, starter account. I was simply providing the link for you to see how to make the call using a URL.

You should not be providing any authentication details to your users.