Authentication Required

I got the API key (Access Permissions FlightXML Versions: v3)
My call “
Response: 401 Authentication Required!
Where is my problem ?

FlightXML actually uses “user name / password” authentication, so you need to use this kind of code:

    username = "funkmeister380"
    apiKey = "xxx"
    fxmlUrl = ""
    response = requests.get(fxmlUrl + command, params=payload, auth=(username, apiKey))


I build an application for Аndroid.
Now, on your recommendation, I’m using a call “,myAPIkey)
and again get “Authentication Required”!
Perhaps I incorrectly included the username and APIkey in the URL?
How to do it in Android (Java) ?

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You may have to encode the authentication string – base64 if I remember correctly. Google is your friend :slight_smile:

Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!
Now All Right !!!

In version 3, there are much fewer functions than in version 2 - for example, there is no FlightInfoEx function.
Is it planned to expand the feature set in version 3?
What changes are there in version 3?

V3 is an incomplete beta product and they’re not offering specifics for when the full feature-set might be available; from what I’ve seen, what is available in V3 is pretty solid, but, you’ll likely need a combination of V2 and V3 at least for the next several months.

I got the API key (Access Permissions FlightXML Versions: v3).
When I call V2, I get a message “Authentication Required”.
What solution to this problem?

You must use a separate API key for v2 than your key for v3. You may request another v2 key from AeroAPI Key Generation - FlightAware

You would need a FlightXML 2 key. You can get one at the following link. There should be a link to get the V2 key.

No, there isn’t, All I see is button to “Add new FlightXML 3 Key”

use v3 - you can chain calls to get the required data. this also conforms much better to a programming paradigm.

Not true: below that button is a line and link that reads “you can still request another FlightXML2 key to be added to your account.”

Maybe its changed, or different just for me, Please see the attached screenshot.

As indicated at the bottom, your billing information needs updating before you’ll have the ability add another FlightXML2 key by yourself.