New to FlightXML - problems login in

Hi all,
I’m new to Flight XML (i’m not a programmer either) so I am just trailing the software before making a proposal to my board. I’m trying to connect via POSTMAN (REST) but I just get an authentication errror

Authentication Required

Authentication Required

I’m pretty sure i’m doing something stupid.

In the Authorization I have “Basic” and have tried by my username (email) and password along with the username and APIKey.

Neither make a difference.

I’ve tried placing values in the header, that also fails.

I then decided to try the SOAP connector using Altova Mapforce. That allows be to select the service, but again I am just getting failures on the login.

I can’t find anything in the documentation which covers this. The examples, in various coding languages, do not help either.

I’ve worked it out now, it actually requires the user name rather than login.