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Urgent help required on Enroute method

Hi All,

I am looking for Enroute API call for my application, which gives me the complete scheduled/enroute flight list to a specific airport. I have a concern here, the output of this method, gives us ident and aircraft type only, is there anyway I can convert this ident into flightNo and airline.


For Flight number : BA905
airline : “BA”,
“ident”: “JAL7872”,
“actual_ident”: “BAW905”,

see the above example, flightno is not matching with ident or actual_ident. so if we need to convert the ident into flightno and airline, any flightaware method does this part ?

Output of enroute api call
“ident”: “BAW32”,
“aircrafttype”: “777”,
“actualdeparturetime”: 1576166528,
“estimatedarrivaltime”: 1576210920,
“filed_departuretime”: 1576165200,
“origin”: “VHHH”,
“destination”: “EGLL”,
“originName”: “Hong Kong Int’l”,
“originCity”: “Hong Kong”,
“destinationName”: “London Heathrow”,
“destinationCity”: “London, England”

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