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Regarding "enroute" flightaware API call

Hi All,

I am looking for Enroute API call for my application, which gives me the complete scheduled/enroute flight list to a specific airport. I have a concern here, the output of this method, gives us ident and aircraft type only, is there anyway I can convert this ident into flightNo and airline.


For Flight number : BA905
airline : “BA”,
“ident”: “JAL7872”,
“actual_ident”: “BAW905”,

see the above example, flightno is not matching with ident or actual_ident. so if we need to convert the ident into flightno and airline, any flightaware method does this part ?

Output of enroute api call
“ident”: “BAW32”,
“aircrafttype”: “777”,
“actualdeparturetime”: 1576166528,
“estimatedarrivaltime”: 1576210920,
“filed_departuretime”: 1576165200,
“origin”: “VHHH”,
“destination”: “EGLL”,
“originName”: “Hong Kong Int’l”,
“originCity”: “Hong Kong”,
“destinationName”: “London Heathrow”,
“destinationCity”: “London, England”

Hi All,

need your attention on my query. Urgent help required

For FlightXML2, you can simply split the “ident” field (“BAW32”) by taking the first 3 letters (“BAW” as the airline), and the remaining numbers (“32”) as the flight number.

If you want to use FlightXML3 beta, you can use the “AirportBoards” function instead, and its response has the data parsed out into a more components for you automatically, including separate “airline” and “flightnumber” fields.