UPS Weird Route

Why would this flight even be sent out…big waste of fuel…seems they should have stayed grounded and waited on the south moving storm to pass destination. … rivaltime=

Agreed I think they should have stayed put and waited for the storm to pass.

So thats why my package was so late. Next time im going with FedEx. :laughing: :unamused:

yessir, you’re right there…maybe a new pilot needing flying time…reckon??

They won’t burn fuel to gain pilot experience unless it’s a full fledged training flight, of which they’re probably in the sim. Most of the guys in those brown uniforms, especially on the big iron like the A300, have a decent amount of experience already.

It looks as if when they departed ICT, the forecast didn’t call for such a build, (as it did last night here at SPI, the popcorn kept building). It looks like their original plan was to go to the south and cut back up ahead of it into SGF but it built up too big to go around, so they headed back to the North with the forecast calling for the WX to be through SGF shortly and they held at the whatever VOR or intersection until it was good to get into

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maybe they forgot to set their clocks back for daylight savings.