Uploading to Photo sites, no stupid reasons to reject a pic

Some of us, including me, are photogs, and even would be appreciated by the viewers, but which site you think is worthy to upload your pics, without getting a stupid and/or a bad reason(s) as rejection, after 10 days in queue?

Airliners.net? From there i got my few pics out, i asked for, after Johan sold to DM (Demand Media);

JetPhotos? I think is a second option, but still have lots of bad rejections. Never tried, never will! Got my mates opinions, which have photos there;

My choices are:



I think hosting pics sites, must be ruled not only by the owners and the crew, but by the photogs, who work hard taking pics, and wants to share.

I hate to mention sites names, but some of us, already know about photo stealing growing fast recently, and bad criticism, when the site wants to make $$$$ with Premium Members.

Theres also has PlanePictures, PlaneSpotters, Planespotting, Myaviation (this one is a joke, gets anything).

I start this thread, without any intention of just get opinions, but better, what it matters, uploading for any site?

Sites hosting pics was always a hobby shared, and always will be. To make money with any pic, must be via contact form directly to the photographer, but its not the main focus.

Also, if you build your own site, its hard to get visits, but we always will have our own page, fine.


There are huge collections of photographs on Flickr. If people like a picture they add to a collection of similar photos.

Here is an example;

I find airliners.net the most consistent with quality, and you mentioned Myaviation, which I find excellent if your searching for a specific aircraft.

Yes, Flickr has lots of Airplanes pics, i just don’t have an account there, my choice!

I have pics in Myaviation.


You judge!

Though I’m a biz jet fan, your photos are all perfectly framed, and clearly ID the aircraft. Look great to me.

I notice alot of the same photos on different sites. I’m more amazed at the access to photographs on the internet. I worked for a corporate jet service in Toronto, and used to trade 35mm slides all over the world.

Now, just a click and I can see more biz jets, than I’ve seen in my entire life!!! I used to drive to the Kodak plant, wait 3 days for my slides. Then mail them all over. At the same time, I’d be waiting for slides in the incoming mail.

As for all the internet sites, it seems airliners is the biggest of them all, and the most popular. So other than that, I guess it is just personal preference or ego?

I put my photos on Google myself, so couldn’t cast a vote as I am not familiar with the links provided.

Reason I like Google is that uploads are immediate without delay of getting a URL, allows me to create albums and sub category my pictures.

picasaweb.google.com/allenlieberman is what I use.


Personal preference!

In Airliners.net, the biggest, i still have an account, no more pics there, and my feedback to the site, was given till a few years ago.

I enjoy all pictures of planes, no matter where are hosted.

Its more than just a hobby, its a reference for all the aviation community.