Upgrade Piaware

Function “Upgrade and restrat Piaware” not working. Tried many times - no success.
I have 3.3.0 and I want to upgrade to 3.5.0.

We triggered auto upgrades a few days ago so anything that hasn’t upgraded (and had auto upgrades enabled) has some sort of problem preventing the upgrade from succeeding and will need manual intervention. Looking at the piaware logs is your first step.

Cannot add the logs to post reply

Mainly after the “Upgrade and restart Piaware” requested, getting:
Err flightaware.com jessie InRelease
Could not resolve ‘flightaware.com

05/03/2017 09:54:45Z run-apt-get(13443): Err http://archive.raspberrypi.org jessie Release.gpg
05/03/2017 09:54:45Z run-apt-get(13443):   Could not resolve 'archive.raspberrypi.org'

You have a DNS problem.

What shall I do?

SSH to your pi.

cat /etc/resolve.conf

And post your findings.

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Sorted out. I had local static IP. Changed to auto obtaining IP.