Software upgrade failing

I have a couple pi’s that are using 3.5.0 currently and would like to upgrade to 5.0. When I go into the settings for the pi and try to upgrade from the webpage, I get a bunch of 404 erros and software download failures. Here are some examples:
[2021-08-13 13:01 CDT] run-apt-get(7781): Err wheezy/main armhf Packages
[2021-08-13 13:01 CDT] run-apt-get(7781): Err wheezy/contrib armhf Packages
[2021-08-13 13:01 CDT] run-apt-get(7781): 404 Not Found

They have been working fine for the last couple years, but figured it was time to upgrade. Any suggestions?


Hi Tony,

Wheezy! You may want to upgrade to Buster or wait for Bullseye.
Not sure if 5.x is supported on Wheezy.


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reimaging is the usual way to upgrade the piaware image at least if a couple years have passed.


upstream wheezy support ended in 2018. please reimage.


Reimaging is the way to go. Use a SPARE microSD card to re-image.

How to Install and Configure Piaware 5.0 SD card image - Quickstart Guide


Thank you very much everyone for the responses. I will get them updated soon.

One more quick question…after such an upgrade, will Flightaware remember the receivers or will I need to do the process to claim them again on the network?

(1) Latest image:


(2) See below. Use Alternative 2 to get back existing receiver.

Awesome. Thank you very much.

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