PiAware says 3.5.1 but Flightaware says 3.5.0


Any specific reason for this? My stats page and Skyview both say “3.5.0” while the actual device is reading “3.5.1” on my t.v. I prompted the update from device commands on the stats page.

As a side note, any idea as to how quickly it should have updated? After about 25 minutes of the RP3 shutting down, it had still not restarted. At that point I pulled the power and it came back saying 3.5.1. I understand this is not good as it can damage the files. Any suggestions here?


If you interrupted the upgrade by pulling the power then quite probably it’s in an inconsistent state.

If you’re not confident with repairing that from the command line then I suggest reimaging with a fresh 3.5.1 image.


I understand.

From what I’ve read in other threads, the 3.5.1 image is not available as a .zip yet. So I would have to re-flash the 3.5.0 to the SD and try to update via device commands on the stats page, correct?


The 3.5.1 image is available as a zip linked from here: https://flightaware.com/adsb/piaware/build


that link OBJ says: 404 - Not Found


Which link? The /build page works for me and links to http://piaware.flightcdn.com/piaware-sd-card-3.5.1.img.zip which also works for me.

Screenshot from 2017-09-26 18-41-16