new 3.5 software bug maybe

I must say i love the new 3.5 piaware BUT this morning i have checked, on screen there are loads of aircraft and the logs are showing loads of data being fed back however the stats show only 1 aircraft being seen.
I wonder if there is a glitch

1 aircraft on the stat
39 aircraft on the screen
24722 messages showing sent to FA on the log

Would a reboot sort this out or is it a glitch in the software?

Stats are not real time and have to be processed so what you see on Skyview (live) and stats will be different. It wont hurt however to reboot if you think there is something wrong.

I am guessing your “24722 messages showing sent to FA on the log” are queued.

It looks like a stats glitch, I have asked the stats developer to take a look.


looks like there are several issues. my stats were in the 10’s of thousands, not they have reverted back to 10’s if not 100’s

mine is working now ok. Didn’t have to reboot it just suddenly started working

Yep looks like the reports are now processing correctly.

Stats are not working correctly.
It was reporting over 1000 aircraft seen earlier and then dropped back to 100 or so.
It has been flip flopping all morning.

i have the same bug.

Here also

Now it looks ok again

Something still wrong with the stats, a few minutes ago it shows the good stats. Now it isn’t…

Something seriously wrong with stats at the moment - showing I’ve only seen 11 A/C and 240 ish reports all day, come on!!
Ranking suffering due to this as well - this needs to get sorted soonest :angry:

yep I had 197,313 Reports, then the next minute I have 37 :smiley:

think the system has been up and down like a yoyo. I wonder if the new hardware had something to do with it or maybe they didn’t even get that far yet

Same problem here. Not related to 3.5 upgrade though. I’m usually around 2000 aircraft/day. Yesterday was 98 and I had not upgraded to 3.5. Today was 200. I have just upgraded to 3.5 late today so there is something going on with stats, but I don’t think it is connected to my upgrade. I guess FA is working on it. I’ll sit tight for a few days to see what happens. I’m near Toronto Canada, if that makes any difference.
Cheers to all.

I thought it was sorted but its still up and down, yesterday plane stats 1 although thousands of messages sent to FA
today so far plane stats 292 (logs say messages sent to FA 67000)
Can someone from FA confirm its NOT the new software as it seems a coincidence?

I use a dongle, dump1090 and Planeplotter and I usually see 2000+ aircraft a day, today Tuesday 4/4, stats show 42. The Hourly Received Reports (positions | aircraft) box for 4/4 show numbers for about what I see daily usually. I also noticed a low aircraft count on 4/3 but it seemed to correct itself later in the day. Is there any way to verify the stats from the last few days?

Craig Cook
Oviedo, FL

Im sure someone will tell you how to do it, I just check my log files on the FA stats page (Logs drop down box)
Im not a linux man so i rely on basics and not sure if log files are stored, would actually be interested to find out myself.
I ssh into my pi via the terminal on my mac.

Same here. The blue boxes have correct counts while the overall counter has not. Not all feeders are affected, might depend on different servers/databases. Let’s give them the time to do their work and get this fixed sometime…

Stats for the 3rd/4th have some known problems; but some unrelated database problems need to be solved first, then we’ll look at stats.
The underlying data is all there and nothing got lost, it’s just that stats are wrong or slow.