Unknown to me

I live a little short of the local private plane runway. Many planes are private owned jets. It gets a little noisy around here at times like when theNat Guard fill their fuel tanks. Yesterday a military plane did what sounded like touch and goes which are not supposed to happen there. The plane in question was like the Marines propeller facing forward or up like a helicopter. It was navy gray and literally shook the walls in my house. Any thoughts as to what was going on?

The aircraft you are describing is an Osprey

Thank you, I was wondering why they were doing that at a smaller local airport.

In the Netherlands the military also practice on other airfields as well.
My local airport (EHHV in the Netherlands) gets visits from Apache’s and Chinooks in order to get to know the non military airports so if needed they can land there.
Usually circuit work and touch and go’s so they get to know the layout of the field and the procedures of that particular field.