Unknown flights



I stay in Las Vegas. I see certain jets flying over the city or rather over the mccarran intl airport at heights of over 10,000 ft or even more. My question is that, are they any other flights of Air force or just normal passenger planes flying over las vegas without stopping at Mccarran airport. If so, can anyone tell me which airlines are these? Thanks in advance.


Could be a lot of things but I’d start with Salt Lake City to/from the airports in the LA basin.

Frank Holbert


What he said and… KLAS is a navigation point which will help keep those planes out of the many restricted areas near Las Vegas/Southern Nevada.


You have the LAS VOR (Navigation Aid) that is right next to the airport. Aircraft ranging from C172’s to B777’s are using these from 1,000’ above ground to 41,000 feet. Aircraft use these to navigate from airport to airport using these airways. The LAS VOR is a high altitude VOR so it can be used from low altitude up 60,000 feet.