University of North Dakota aircraft


University of North Dakota Aircraft use the ATC Flight ID of “NDU” followed by the flight number. These aircraft are refered to as “Sioux.”

i.e. NDU22 = Sioux Twenty Two

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And while I’m thinking of it (on another topic)…another idea for searching for flights… a search field for entering just the Flight ID without a flight number would be nice, and getting a list returned of all that companies flights…

i.e. AAL

and then it produces a list of all AAL aircraft active

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Embry-Riddle and the Prescott tower use a similar scheme, where N572ER is “Riddle 72” instead of “2ER” for short.

CKorrect: That’s one of our most requested “coming soon” features.


Similar system. However, NDU is an FAA recognized code nationwide. I.E. On our FAA flight plan under “aircraft ID,” you would write “NDU 54.”


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CKorrect, are you sure that it is an FAA recognized call sign? At Embry-Riddle, the call sign was only valid in the Daytona Airspace (and possible Prescott, but I was not there). This agreement was through a letter of agreement (LOA) with the local controllers. When the students went on a X-Country, they were required to file the actual tail number.



UND used to operate under a letter of agreement with the local control, however, recently (within the past year and a half) we have transistioned to a nationally recognized call sign.

Whether our aircraft are in Grand Forks, ND or Nashville, TN, we use our “Sioux” call sign, just like Pinnacle uses “Flagship”.

If you visit this site… you’ll see it listed under University of North Dakota.

Hope this clarifies.



Most of the UND flights show up as “delayed” and “unknown owner.”