United merger


United and contanintal merge but keep the look of contanintal but the name of united :open_mouth: :unamused: :unamused: :question:


for shure not Contanintal. maybe continental.
I think Continental United would be good.


The livery looks fresh out of the 90s (oh wait, it is), but the combined carrier should be called United.

Hopefully nonepass won’t destroy mileage plus.


Didn’t Continental United just win the English Premier League?

As for me, I’d have hoped for either United or a new name, but not with an unmodified Continental logo. That’s just ridiculous.


Funny you should mention that. I had to revalidate my OnePass account, in essence they explained how they had the right to change just about everything under the sun concerning frequent flier miles.


Continental. . . I think they should go back to Texas International. :wink:


why not the original name of Texas International - do you know it?


Trans-Texas Airways.


very good.
Now for the bonus round.
who started Trans-texas Airways?


Earl McKaughn


… and_________________ who had formed the company ________________?

like pulling teeth here! :slight_smile:


“Texas Air, with headquarters in Houston, was an airline holding company with investments in airlines and related businesses. The company was founded by Francisco A. (Frank) Lorenzo, a New York City native and Harvard University graduate…”

tshaonline.org/handbook/onli … /ept1.html


No. was talking about the beginnings of Trans Texas Airways. it was started by Aviation Enterprises, an FBO formed by Earl McKaughn and Henry Erdman in 1940.


Oh boy. . . Frank Lorenzo!

My granddad did not like that guy.


I know I’m probably going to regret asking this, but that statement begs the question as to why your Grandpa didn’t like Lorenzo.


That’s okay, J. I knew it was coming.

How 'bout I wait a couple of weeks before I tell you. I’ll be seeing him soon, so I can get the full story. :slight_smile:


Sure, but a hint would be appreciated.


He did some things that just weren’t in the book.
I don’t think my granddad likes to talk about it much; but I’ll get something out of him. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll assume “He” refers to Lorenzo and not your Gramps, and did your GP work for TIA, Continental or Eastern?

Just curious, I know a great number of pilots and former pilots that would gladly hunt Lorenzo down if given the opportunity.


Yes, “He” is Lorenzo.

Grandpa worked for TIA.