United flights from ORD to Aruba

Hello all,

Is it possible to get Flightaware to provide a list of upcoming United flights from ORD to Aruba?

Thanks, John

No. FlightAware is not a travel site. There are other sites available for that.

Wait for it Dave, I feel certain it’s coming…

I thought it was a fair question. Since I can get a listing of arrivals and a listing of departures, it seemed plausible to me that there might be a way of arranging the lists in alphabetical order for quick reference.

I like to use flightaware as part of my shortwave listening hobby (I have been doing that for a year). I suspect that it might surprise some here to find how most people use the site. So Dave, if you know of a site that I can go to find departure and arrival lists for any given airport on any given day, I would be grateful for that information. I really mean no offense to any of the folks here.

I can use scanners to listen to flights as they cross the USA and once out to sea I can follow them vis HF radio. Its part of my radio hobby and I enjoy it.

Regarding posting twice, sorry if I broke a rule. I couldn’t decide which of the two boards would be most appropriate. General seemed like a good choice but then I was looking for airline specific information. Sorry.

I really would be thankful for suggestions for other sites that could provide information regarding the various airline’s flights.

Regards, John.

Try this for United, as per your intial request.

Need any others?

Please continue in the first thread on this topic.