Flights from ORD to Aruba


Is it possible to get Flightaware to provide a list of the United flights out of ORD to aruba?

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Thanks for your help. I do appreciate your advice and I will observe it in the future.


Sure, it’s possible.

Oh, you want to know how to do it?

Well, a quick gander at Wikipedia showed this as the only major airport: … al_Airport . It has an ICAO code of TNCA. So, on the left side “Flight Tracker” section click on the “Don’t know the flight number?” link and search from KORD to TNCA. FWIW I did not see any flights at all, but then again it isn’t quite Aruba season. Aruba Season = ~(Hurricane Season) :wink:


From the locked topic on the same subject…

Just click at the top of the column you want sorted. Click a second time to reverse the order.

(You might need to play with the clicking a bit to find the right point in the column header to activate the sort sequencing.)


Because he used the word “flights” and not “flight,” what I got out of his posting was that he wanted FlightAware to show the next X number of flights from ORD to AUA. This is not possible. At the most, you won’t get more than 1 proposed flight (i.e. the next flight) between ORD and AUA, or any other points for that matter. You may get the same flight posted twice as a proposed flight but you won’t be able to see the proposed flights for, say, each day of the next week.


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Wow, this is great stuff…


Thank you very much for your help. I found that the Aruba identifyier is AUA (I suppose KAUA ?). I am going to try that with the information you provided. BTW, Aruba is so far south that they have never had a direct hit by a hurricane. Also, they are close enough to the equator that they do not have significant temperture changes with the change of season. October through February is “the rainy season” but rain seldom lasts more than an hour due to the continuous and brisk (35 to 40 mph) east to west wind (the resort hotels are on the west coast, well protected from the wind). In 1986 a hurricane went far enough south to cause an “ocean swell” in Aruba but “no problem”.


Thank you very much also or your information. I will work with the sorting routine. I looked ar the United website and I found that the United flights to Aruba are “operated by US Airways” (some flights are direct and some go through CLT). Maybe that is the reason why I had trouble trying to find the flights. So, I will search to see if they are listed for US Airways.

The information provided by this thread will be my paradigm for searching for information for all the airlines.

Thanks to everybody for your help.

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No. As mentioned earlier, the ICAO code for AUA is TNCA. Only in the contiguous states is the letter “K” added to the 3 letter IATA code to make the ICAO code. In Canada, the letter “C” is added to the 3 letter IATA code to make up the ICAO code. In Hawaii, Alaska, and the rest of the world, eacg country is assgined a 2 letter code. The ICAO code consists of this code plus 2 additional letters. (Note: Communist China’s code is an exception: it’s only the letter “Z”).

See the topic Alaska/Hawaii Airport Codes for a listing of country prefixes.


Thanks again damiross,

I was typing in my last response (slowly, but alas still making typos) as you posted yours so I didn’t see your information regarding TNCA until later. I appreciate everybody’s patience and all this information is well received.

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Did you see the link to United’s complete timetable I posted for you in the other (now locked) thread?



Yes I have it, thank you very much. I sent the pdf file to the printer so I will have it as a reference in my Ham Shack. I only briefly looked at it before I printed it as I was interruped by a phone call (people really expect me to work on Fridays??) .:wink: I will walk over now and pick it up from the printer.

This is great information. Are there similar publications for the other airlines? I have an US Airways schedule that I got from the PIT airport and I pick up a new one every month if I can.

Thanks again, JHEM.

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Many of the airlines have online schedules in PDF.

In Google, type in the keywords airline pdf timetable.


If you use IE there is spell check program you can use called IESPELL. Not sure if they support any other browsers.

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Forget that! Get the Google Toolbar. Not only does it come with a great spellchecker, you can also use it with Firefox in addition to the old, tired IE browser.


Great! Thanks damiross, I am using Firefox and I will get the Google toolbar.

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A couple of other ‘tools’ which might help.

To see all scheduled flights between 2 airports for a specific date or a week: Note this includes connections as well so you have to weed those out.

To see what’s scheduled for later today, most major airports have on-line FIDS (Flight Information Display System); this is O’Hare’s for example:
There are a couple of sites which purport to list “all” the FIDS URLs, but they change so frequently as to be pretty much useless. Googling for +FIDS should find them though.



Thanks for that, it does matter to me. I use ad-aware and spybot but I would rather avoid it if I can.

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