United Airlines Airport Branding


What airports that United flies to have been branded in their merger colors? I wish they had a list out on their website.

I DO NOT WORK FOR UNITED AIRLINES! I am a student. I am ONLY an aviation enthusiast! I enjoy aviation and plane watching especially Continental Airlines aircraft. I was just trying to see what airport have the new UAL brand. I thought I would post this question to see if any Flight Aware users were keeping track of this.


These United marketing department interns using spammers to drum up business need to get a little more creative, I think.


I’m not sure this guy is a spammer.

Yes, his only two posts are on where to buy UAL merchandise with the new logo and which airports have been converted to the new UAL branding. I would say he’s not a spammer because I tried to find a place to buy UAL merchandise on the UAL web page. Couldn’t find anything. Couldn’t find the airports that have been changed either.

He could be one of those people who is really fascinated by UAL and would like to get UAL new brand merchandise.


I am an aviation enthusiast. Particularly I am a Continental fan. I was just trying to see the progress of where the new UAL brand is. Also, I was having a hard time looking for new UAL brand merchandise. I do apologize for causing any confusion. I do not work in the airline industry, I am a student.


There’s a United Shop at theunitedshop.com/

During my quick check, I didn’t see any new logo items.