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United 956 and 106 diverted, returned to Newark

These flights, 956 to Geneva, 106 to Munich, both started normal flight patterns from Newark, then turned around over the Gulf of Maine and returned to Newark. Anyone have any idea why? Both are 767 aircraft.

Both were likely mechanical.

106 returned to the gate only 25 minutes after leaving it, so I don’t think it actually left the ground. It eventually left after midnight on a different aircraft (a 767-200). Today’s MUC-EWR was canceled and those pax were likely rerouted on different UA and LH flights out of MUC. The 767-200 will likely ferry back empty after the crew rests.

956 arrived back in EWR several hours after it left and was canceled. UA is operating an extra section on EWR-GVA today as UA1763

Note that 956 is an sUA 767-300 and 106 was a sCO 767-400. There’s likely no connection between the two mechanical issues, just coincidence that they’re the same general aircraft type.

Tnx for the info. Now if I can only figure out why United 958 on May 04 (Chicago to London, Boeing 777) turned around at the coast of Labrador, and landed at Washington DC (Dulles)

There never seems to be any public information on these diverted flights.

Usually I use liveatc to try and figure out the reason for a diversion but in this case I couldn’t because the archived feeds for newark were down for those times.