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UAL 691 on 4/1/2019 - diverted back to Denver?

Hi y’all,
My wife was on flight UAL 691 on 4/1 from Denver to Las Vegas when she said it turned around and headed back to Denver after maybe 45 minutes in the air. She said I’ve flight attendant was crying(?). We are trying to learn more about this flight and what caused it to return to Dencer. Can anyone give us some clues? I’m attaching the flight tracking that we pulled from Flight Aware. Thanks!

My 3 favorite resources don’t have anything about this flight so I can’t give a specific reason, but I have some reasoning.

The flight returned to Denver as you mentioned and that plane did not leave Denver until the following morning on a leg to Miami. I’m guessing the flight that returned to Denver had some maintenance problem that came up during the flight but the pilots decided it was not critical enough to land immediately but rather still needed to be addressed but could be done in Denver.

If it was a medical emergency or something, I’d expect this same plane would have make the Denver to Las Vegas flight 2 hours later after the passenger was attended to, but a different aircraft made the flight from Denver to Las Vegas while this one that was diverted stayed on the ground.

Other things might be computer issues (I think I saw tweets that United had a problem with their computer system for part of that day), the weather in Las Vegas might not be good by the time they get there so they might have returned to Denver rather than circle Las Vegas for hours or divert to an airport near Vegas, or Vegas might have had other airport issues that forced the pilots to decide Denver might be a better place to go while waiting for the Vegas delays to subside.

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Thank you. I appreciate the insight!