UA86 diversion (diversion question in general)


So UA86 diverted back to EWR today: … /KEWR/KEWR

Forgive me if this in information available elsewhere, but how or can I find out the reason for the diversion? Tried to poke around to see if I could listen in but wasn’t sure where I should be listening.




Strictly speaking it was not a diversion but a “return to gate” which is how is describing it.

If it was serious, involving passenger(s) or flight safety it will show up on or the FAA daily reports. If it was minor like a blocked lav. or such it might get posted on; or not.


Thanks, Pat. I’ve “watched” the link you posted in days gone by for even more “major” events (i.e. AA 737 diverted to ALB a couple months back due to an in-flight engine shutdown) and it never showed on that site… or perhaps it did and I just never went back and found it. Regardless… thanks for the comment!


The FAA doesn’t regard IFSDs (alone) as major.

AvHerald picked it up though: